My Special Range of Ice cream

I am sure that you know that there is a special range of chocolate that you can buy when you want to go a little bit crazy with chocolate and have some fun with your partner at the same time. The thing that there are just as many people out there who like to play with ice cream, but yet the main ice cream manufacturers have not come up with a special ice ream. At least that is what I realised when I had a little break at Knigthsbridge escorts in


My next date that day at Knightsbridge escorts was a gentleman with several food fetishes. However, his favorite food fetish has always been ice cream and I always try to have the latest offering from Ben and Jerry available. But I did not take me long to realise that Ben and Jerry only bring out a new flavour every couple of months ago, and none of their flavours sound very expiring. What if I could come up with some new exciting flavours for those of us who feel that we are inspired by a ice cream foot fetish.


That weekend, I went around  couple of London stores which sell fancy chocolates. They always come up with some of the best names, and I do often keep some at Knightsbridge escorts just in case. I was hoping to find some inspiration among those recipes and it did not take me very long to come up with some ideas for adult ice cream. It was actually a lot easier than I would have thought, and after having invested in an ice cream maker, I was soon making my own ice cream


You really don’t need a lot of ingredients if you would like to make your own ice cream. The simpler you keep your ice cream, the better it tastes. That was something that I soon learned. I was glad that I had the entire weekend off from Knightsbridge escorts as I wanted to get down to creating some interesting recipes, and perhaps even invite my friends from Knightsbridge escorts to try some the following the weekend.


The first ice cream I made was called Brandy Makes You Randy. I soon discovered that you don’t need a lot of brandy to make the ice cream taste, and you can really enhance the flavour by adding some raspberries. Before I knew it, I had also created another ice cream flavour called Fizzy Delight. It had been flavoured with champagne and strawberries. I can think of several experiences that can be enhanced by champagne and strawberries, and a little bit of fizz can always add a bit of an edge when you are ready to take a mouthful of something else.


Today, I have left the Knightsbridge escorts, and I am producing my own range of ice cream. That being said, I have not altogether lost touch with the girls that I used to work with at the escort agency in Knightsbridge. Just like so many others, the girls really seem to appreciate to enhance what they do with my own special brand of sensual ice cream.